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Market your voluntary products alongside ClickEnroll and watch your profitability soar!

The Click Enroll Advantage
• Speed to Market
• Nimble Data Sharing Capabilities
• Impactful Pricing Advantages
• Collaborative Go-to-Market Approach
• Dynamic Enrollment Experience

Speed to Market

  • Quick and reliable configuration and end-to-end deployment of multi-carrier core and voluntary benefit enrollments through expedited case builds and  dependable management of all aspects of the enrollment.
    Seamless options to support pain free access to leave behind benefit administration solutions through ClickEnroll, Selerix or other 3rd party platform integrations.
  • Ability to accommodate our carrier partner’s entire suite of voluntary products (group and individual), along with their unique product, underwriting and administrative business rules and requirements.

Nimble Data Sharing Capabilities

  • Empowered to fully leverage carrier partner APIs to enable real-time data sharing, as well as a full complement of enrollment and administrative services.
  • Fully compatible with voluntary benefit LDEx standards.
  • Flexibility to support EDI based on our carrier partner’s specified data formats and data transmission requirements.

Impactful Pricing Advantages

  • Affordable pricing model enables carrier partners to deliver enrollment technology solutions with minimal broker and plan sponsor funding.
  • Our flexible pricing options align with our carrier partner’s voluntary product pricing allowances:
    • Variable % of premium fee allowances
    • Administrative PEPM fees with voluntary benefit offsets
    • Case specific installation fees
  • ClickEnroll pricing options are designed to maximize our carrier partner’s competitive positioning while minimizing their exposure to voluntary product participation variations.

Dynamic Enrollment Experience

  • Create personalized benefit awareness and advice to optimize alignment of voluntary benefit selection with the employee’s unique financial protection preferences.
  • Drive increased carrier partner profitability through:
    • Greater employee satisfaction
    • Higher voluntary benefit participation
    • Elevated voluntary benefit retention
  • Leverage ClickEnroll’s engagement-centric engine to drive elevated performance results across the more challenging specialized enrollment opportunities:
    • Unions and associations
    • Takeovers
    • Off cycle voluntary only enrollments
    • Down market group segment
    • Underperforming orphan and dormant cases

Collaborative Go-to-Market Approach

  • Publish co-branded marketing collateral and industry announcements.
  • Support carrier partner distribution training.
  • Simple and quick partner integration, requiring minimal carrier resources.
  • Know where you stand – our competitive analysis Select Tool allows you to see how your products stack up against the competition.

Select module: Providing valuable feedback to Carriers

Find out how your RFP submissions stack up against the competition with our competitive analysis tool, part of the Select module.  Carriers can also use the Select module to proactively provide product information to brokers, a winning strategy to get in front of the competition!

… these unique benefit cannot be found anywhere else in the industry!

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